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J. Debraux, N. Fleury, B. Delombre, C. Hilary, M. Peignier, H. Migout, E. Felix, D. Fuchs – France 3

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“The penalties must be severe if the facts are proven.” The words are from the government’s spokesman after the shock book’s revelations about the dysfunctions in the nursing home of the group Orpea. An independent investigation of theIGASthe General Inspectorate of Social Affairs, could be opened. How to avoid new drifts?

It is the cold anger of a son who has decided to recount his mother’s ordeal. Lawrence Geny is convinced, his mother, Jacqueline, 85 years old at the time of the events, would have been subjected to acts of mistreatment for two years in a nursing home Orpea of the Alpes-Maritimes. “Regular absence of urinary protection, spoiled food found in her room, my mother left on the floor for several hours, when she had called”he testifies.

Since Tuesday January 25 and first revelations published in a book, testimonies like that of Laurent Geny multiply. So how do you get out of this crisis of confidence? Olivia Mokiejewski lost his grandmother, who died of Covid-19 in one nursing home in 2020. She chairs the 9471 collective, which brings together three hundred families and campaigns for surprise inspections in retirement homes. The minister delegate in charge of autonomy summoned the general manager of Orpea to come and explain.

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