Tell us about your character in Aggar Tum Na Hote.

My character Shagun is a reserved girl. She is an introvert and thinks a lot before speaking. Shagun is a doctor. She’s very simple but ambitious.

How much do you relate to this character?

The major similarity is that in real life I am also ambitious and career-oriented.

What do you like about the show?

The show’s title is quite unique and attracts viewers as it’s based on a super-hit song from the 80s. So, there is a nostalgic feel to it. Then the storyline and cast make it an interesting watch.

How will you define the vibes on the sets?

Everyone is very ambitious and dedicated. That inspires me to give my best.

How is it working with the three producers of this show?

Jatin Sethi, Mahesh Pandey and Piyush Gupta, all the producers are very nice and supportive. They explain the character in detail which is really helpful for an artiste.

The TV industry has evolved in terms of content. What’s your viewpoint?

The evolution of the TV industry has given opportunities to a lot of new talent which is a positive thing.

How is it living in the new normal?

Living in the new normal is uncomfortable because watching people getting sick worries me. Hope everything will be normal soon.

What are your learnings from the industry so far?

It has given me a really good experience by offering me different characters which has helped me learn a lot as an aspiring artiste.

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