Samer Cheaib, obstetrician doctor has his mask removed by the newly born baby. (INSTAGRAM SCREENSHOTS)

It’s a black and white photo that inevitably makes everyone who looks at it smile. It was taken at Fakih’s IVF clinic in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We see Doctor Samer Cheaib, gynecologist-obstetrician, holding in his arms a newborn baby, a little girl full of energy who, in the momentum of her first cry, grabs the doctor’s mask with her hand and pulls on it , revealing his huge smile.

It was the young father who took the photo, encouraging the doctor to post it on Instagram, to share his joy and especially the symbol it represents. We can see it by reading the comments: this photo depicts the hope of the whole planet, “the one, summarizes Dr. Cheaib, of a world where we will soon be able to take off our masks “, in other words, a world free from the viral threat.
Result: tens of thousands of “likes”, shares, and articles in the international press, in India, Romania, Brazil, Italy, or even Argentina. To the surprise of the first concerned.

Social networks should be used to make people smile. For me, it is a channel for spreading positive messages and driving fear away. All the more so at this time.

Samer Cheaib, gynecologist in Dubai

Gulf News

Yet Samer Cheaib is a very connected doctor. Obstetrician born in Beirut 42 years ago, trained in Iraq, Lebanon and mainly in the United States, he has specialized in complex, specific pregnancies: twins, triplets, very premature babies, in vitro fertilization, arrivals by the breech, in short all risky pregnancies, sources of questions and stress for future parents.

To respond to their anxieties, he therefore regularly posts on his Facebook and Instagram accounts post-delivery photos of babies in great shape and of young parents toying their teeth, often accompanied by the keyword #BestJobInTheWorld, “the best job in the world. world”.

“Social networks should be used to make people smile, he told the Emirates newspaper Gulf News, for me, it’s a channel to spread positive messages and chase away fear. Even more so at this time. “ And this is precisely what the photo of this little girl brings, one of the two twins he helped come into the world at the beginning of October, pulling on the mask as if to say that it is in a world where the ‘we’ll finally see the smiles she wants to grow up again. Spontaneous, instinctive, universal gesture which perhaps makes this image the photo of 2020, an antidote to this crazy year.

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