Karan Johar Show: Bigg Boss OTT hosted by Karan Johar is in discussion for many reasons. After a long wait, the contestants of Bigg Boss OTT House are ready to meet their family members. In the house, Bigg Boss announced the ‘Freeze’ task and then surprised everyone by calling the family members of the contestants. Talking about Divya Agarwal, one of the most talked about contestants, her boyfriend Varun (Varun Sood) came on the show to meet her. Divya was shocked and emotional seeing him.

Shilpa Shetty’s sister Shamita is currently in Bigg Boss OTT house and her mother Sunanda Shetty had gone to meet her. The mother-daughter duo looked very emotional. Her mother said that she is proud of her daughter and she likes Rakesh Bapat. Apart from this, Rakesh Bapat’s niece Isha entered the house. Talking about Shamita Shetty, he said that he loves Shamita and her relationship. Isha said that she is proud of him and he is doing well in BB House.

Shamita also told her mother that the rest of the house calls me bossy, then her mother said, ‘Boss from which angle are you? You have come to the house like the rest of the contestants. People are scared and you are the strong contestant of the house. You don’t need to change yourself for others. I know who you are, I’ll tell you what the world thinks. Who are you. It doesn’t matter. Ups and downs are part of life.

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