A first doctothon, which involved hundreds of doctors, took place on December 10 for 24 hours without interruption. A digital international meeting which had met with success amounting to several million views. This Saturday, January 15 from 4 p.m. to midnight, the organizer of the event, Cécile Maïchak, is launching the second part of this marathon. This time, it will focus on the theme of childhood.

” It’s urgent “

Invited on Sud Radio on January 13, Cécile Maïchak confided that it is urgent to draw attention to the physical and psychological damage caused by health measures on children, with their repercussions on their development, but also to alert the population. , in particular doctors, on the risks associated with their vaccination, extended to 5-11 year olds on December 22.

This is why pediatricians, child psychiatrists, speech therapists, psychologists, child protection associations, lawyers and even artists will speak for eight hours this Saturday from 4 p.m. until midnight. A speaking time of 5 minutes will be granted to each speaker responsible for communicating a targeted message. They will come from several countries around the world: France, Belgium, Luxembourg, United States, Canada…

Like the last time, Professor Christian Perronne is the godfather of this marathon, the deputy and psychiatrist Martine Wonner its godmother.

To watch the program, Internet users are invited to go either to the Facebook page “Les Colères des rue”, or to the page or channel of other partners who will broadcast the Doctothon – special children at the following links:

Kairos: www.twitch.tv/kairospresse

Incimedia: www.facebook.com/INCITVBelgium

TWeb: www.tweb.tv/

Lived: www.facebook.com/Vecu.lemedia/

Jean-Jacques Crevecoeur: odysee.com/@Jean-Jacques-Crevecoeur:f

Human Alliance: www.ah2020.org/live/

Concorde TV: laconcordetv.fr/

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