More than 846 km of traffic jams and slowdowns were recorded late Saturday morning by Bison Futé over the whole of France, for this day classified black in the direction of departures on the occasion of the traditional crossover between juillettists and Augustians.

Peak traffic is expected between 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m.

The main disruptions obviously concerned the A7 southbound on which we recorded around 11:30 am nearly 95 kilometers of traffic jams and slowdowns in the Drôme, according to Bison Fûté. The journey time between the south of Lyon and Orange was in fact 05:30 instead of 01:40 with “increasingly dense traffic,” said Vinci Autoroutes, which manages the Autoroute du Soleil.

On the A10, vacationers were also tested, putting 04:20 instead of 02:30 from Paris to Poitiers, and 04:10 is two hours more than normal to reach Bordeaux from the capital of Poitiers, says the same source. By mid-morning, more than 164 kilometers of disturbances were recorded by Bison Futé.

Also along the coast, towards the Spanish border, motorists were to encounter slowdowns, extending their journey by about thirty minutes over the usual two hours.

On the A75, known as “La Méridienne” which links Clermont-Ferrand to Béziers in the extension of the A71, Bison Fûté still noted more than 87 kilometers of traffic jams in the middle of the morning in the Hérault.

There were other difficulties on the Mediterranean rim but less important than in the Rhône Valley to go to Narbonne, whether by the A9 from Orange or the A61 from Toulouse, with an extra hour on time. usual, as well as between Orange and Nice on the A8 with around thirty additional minutes, according to Vinci Autoroutes.

In the direction of the returns, Vinci did not note any major difficulties except on the A7 where it took an hour more to reach Lyon from Orange (02:40 instead of 01:40).

Friday afternoon, holidaymakers had anticipated their departures on the road where more than 1,000 km of cumulative traffic jams were recorded across the country.

Sunday was classified orange by Bison Futé.

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