A few days ago between the quarrel between Sunita Ahuja, wife of Bollywood actor Govinda and Krishna, his nephew Vinay Anand praised his maternal uncle Sunita. In which he said that she is like his mother. After which now Sunita gave her reaction on this and said that ‘at least someone has realized’

In fact, for some time, the tension between Govinda’s wife and Krishna came openly in front of everyone when Govinda went on Kapil Sharma’s show with his wife Sunita. Krishna did not appear in this episode. To which Sunita said that she does not want to see his face in life. When a reaction was taken from Govinda’s second nephew Vinay Anand about this, he said that he considers her like his mother. He has a lot of respect for his maternal uncle Sunita. What he did, he could pay for the rest of his life.

Now Sunita has given her reaction on this statement of Vinay. He said that “it’s good that Vinay remembers what we did for him. I used to take care of all the children including Krishna, Aarti Singh. I was the only woman in the in-laws’ house whom these children could see as their mother. Govinda has also done some films with Vinay. I still remember how all these kids used to play together in the hall.”

Sunita said that “I got married at the age of 18 and a daughter was born at the age of 19. I myself was very young when I raised them. I am glad that at least one of them realized that I I am like his mother. We don’t want money or anything from him but we can ask for love and respect. If you can’t give respect then there is no point in keeping you. I am very happy with Vinay’s words, we are very happy with you. Love you and God bless you and your family”

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