How was your journey from Jalandhar to Mumbai?

It’s been five years in Mumbai. My family was not convinced about my career choice initially. So, I came to Delhi and started modelling. Later, my dad supported me and that helped me sustain myself in Mumbai.

You acted in a TV show called Kaleerein. Why don’t we see you on television anymore?

Because daily shows are monotonous and I never wanted that in my career.

What about acting in Punjabi films?

Five years back, all singers from Punjab started acting in films. My vision was to always do good films.

What has been the toughest aspect of the character that you played in Tabbar?

This was the first time I have played a cop. I am happy that post Tabbar, I started getting calls from policemen telling how they liked my portrayal.

We hear there is a connection between farmers’ protests and your role in Tabbar. Please share.

I am an active supporter of the farmers’ protest and was in Delhi supporting them on ground in December 2020 to January 2021.I was at the protests venue when I got a call from the makers. They wanted me to audition for the show. There was something in the atmosphere that just charged me up. It gave me a different kind of energy. I actually shot my audition at the same venue and sent it.

Who are the actors you look up to?

I have always admired late actor Irrfan Khan’s work. His eyes were so expressive. We can learn a lot from him.

What are your dos and don’ts as an actor?

The director’s vision is very important for me. I will not do anything unethical on camera.

Define Mumbai in your own words.

Mumbai is like Vaishno Devi to me. It attracts you. In between, during the lockdown I went back to my family and my dream was shattered. But somehow the city has called me back and given me Tabbar.

Social media has its own pros and cons. What’s your point of view?

I personally don’t indulge myself in any kind of controversy. I find social media to be very useful. It is a useful tool for an actor and a platform where you can see so many things, observe and learn. Your fans and audience also get to see your personality.

Besides acting, what do you like?

I am interested in cinematography. I would like to pursue a course on this.

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