The US Department of Transportation is targeting Tesla’s autopilot more closely.

As a dpa report shows, the authority has been investigating eleven incidents since the summer of 2021 in which the US electric cars ran into parked ambulances. According to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 17 people were injured and one was fatal in these accidents. The autopilot was active in all of the incidents.

In September, Tesla responded with an update of the software. The update is intended to prevent future accidents with fire and ambulance vehicles standing on the roadside.

In a letter from the NHTSA to Tesla published on Wednesday, it was pointed out that automobile manufacturers must call a product recall within five days in the event of safety-related problems. But Tesla didn’t. The group should now comment on this by November 1st.

In an initial statement, Tesla pointed out that the autopilot is merely a driver assistance system in which the driver always has to keep his hands on the wheel and the traffic situation in view. The autopilot can, for example, keep the lane and the distance to the vehicle in front.


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