Everything gets more expensive! And of course e-drivers also have to pay for the rising energy costs. US carmaker Tesla is now announcing price increases for its supercharger network blick.ch.

There are over 35,000 Tesla fast charging stations worldwide. The network is currently also opening up in Europe for customers of other car brands, shines with high loading speeds. In the beginning, electricity was even free!

Those times are over: from now on, charging at a supercharger for Tesla drivers in Germany will cost between 0.69 and 0.71 euros per kilowatt hour, depending on the amount of electricity consumed. This corresponds to a price increase of about 23 percent – almost a quarter.

It sounds different on the electric car manufacturer’s website. There it is, Tesla wants to “enable freedom of travel at a fraction of the cost of conventional fuel (…)”.

The only question is how long this will continue. Auto expert Prof. Ferdinand Dudenhöffer recently warned that the current economic and political developments seriously jeopardize the success of the electric car could.


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