“It was a real nightmare. » Dounia, 44, who lives in Gonesse (Ile-de-France), was the victim of credit card fraud at the end of last year. But not just any: a scam on Apple Pay, the payment system integrated into the iPhone. “I have a 70-euro cell phone that I just use to make calls, I don’t have an iPhone, I had never heard of this service, how could I have used it? »she tells us.

Go back. At the end of last November, Dounia, unemployed, received text messages indicating that she was shopping online for several hundred euros. “I am at RSA, I was certainly not going to spend these sums! » The messages specify “if you are not the source of these purchases, click on the link”, but the mother, suspicious, prefers not to click and not answer. In the aftermath, she receives a call from a man introducing himself as “Advisor specializing in bank fraud at BNP”, his bank. Informed of the numerous scam attempts, she hangs up and calls her local adviser herself, who sees nothing abnormal about her account.

Except that the next morning, 1,660 euros were debited to him. She immediately reports the fraud and blocks her card at her bank branch. However, his file is lost at BNP, which will go so far as to completely block his account at Christmas – forcing Dounia to live thanks to his daughter’s scholarship at university -, before acknowledging his mistake at the end of February.

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