I became the one who makes children cry to test them at all costs. “On Instagram, Lara describes her ordeal, but also that of children and their parents, in Covid-19 screening centers since the launch of the new health protocol for schools. ” Once again, it is the children who clink glasses of the madness of the adults … », She protests.

Constantly evolving chimerical health protocols

In her open letter published on Instagram, which in just over 24 ha has already collected more than 500,000 “likes”, Lara, a pharmacy assistant, vigorously calls on the government. Accompanied by a photo in which she shows herself with a swab in hand, wearing a charlotte and wearing a visor, a mask, and a blouse, she reports in a few lines the torture inflicted on parents and children since the implementation of the new health protocol devised by the executive for schools since the return from the Christmas holidays.

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If a positive case is detected in a class, all schoolchildren are forced to be tested on D + 0, then on D + 2 and D + 4. An inconvenient situation for many parents, which furthermore arouses exasperation and incomprehension among many French people, lost in the incessant comings and goings of government health instructions.

This is what Lara begins by noting: “ Health protocols are constantly changing. The patients are lost, and so are we ”. And to point out the absurdity of the measures: “You can’t test an entire school at 7 pm because there is a positive case in all the classes.

Guilty children who scream at death

She then evokes the nightmare of children, forced to screen themselves all the time: “ The children cry, struggle, scream at death, are forcibly held by their parents, too, at their wit’s end “. The preparer does not hide the deep pain caused to her by this show, of which she laments being one of the protagonists: ” I became the one who makes children cry to test them at all costs.

These scenes sometimes become too trying and push her to try to refuse to perform a test in these conditions … To try, because she quickly succumbs to the pressure exerted by parents in distress: ” It is then that the parent begs me crying to test and inflict this suffering on his child otherwise he will not be able to return to school and the parent has to work. “.

To finish with this task, if some parents come to implore, others do not hesitate to insult: ” Sometimes I get attacked, insult all the names, the impression of being thrown to the wolves, because I say no. “A situation for which she attributes the fault to the lightness of the decisions taken by the power in place:” Patients do not understand this no, yes! Politicians everywhere say to go to pharmacies to be tested…!

Beware of children who will have the misfortune of obtaining a positive test, sometimes doomed to the vindictiveness of their parents: ” I then see parents panicking, crying, scolding, punishing and threatening the child who “did not pay enough attention at school” “.

The difficult journey of the infected child does not unfortunately stop there. Next comes the treatment recommended by the government for “ protect yourself and others “: Isolation. What could be better for a child? ” Sometimes parents tell me: she will be locked in her room for a week, meals will be served on a tray that will be placed in front of her door, no hugs, no kisses until she can get out of the room. isolation », Says Lara, not without expressing her dismay at the brutality of the measure.

Hello the government?

Faced with this situation, Lara « cry “When she leaves work:” I cry to be the one who tortures children, the one who makes children and their parents cry, the one who must forcibly test dozens of children when they leave school. “And to denounce the insanity of these measures:” Once again, it is the children who clink glasses of the madness of the adults …

Hello the government ????? », She wrote to the executive at the end of the publication.

Although it is less virulent than the Delta, it is because of Omicron’s contagiousness that children pay a heavy price if they test positive. Even in the complete absence of symptoms of the disease.

For two years, health measures have not been without consequences for the psychological health of children. As psychologist Marie-Estelle Dupont continues to alert, they resulted in a 299% increase in suicide attempts and suicides among those under fifteen in November-December 2020.

On the other hand, behind the explosion in the number of tests, lies the business of ” whatever the cost Which amounts to several billion euros. According to the Budget Minister, Olivier Dussopt, the taxpayer will have to pay a bill for screening tests of around six billion euros for the year 2021. On January 9, more than 296,000 new cases have been identified. Between December 31 and January 6, 9.5 million tests were carried out in France, reported BFMTV.

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