The hidden side of labels

by Thomas Ebelé and Éloïse Moigno

Ed. Sloweare, 142 pages, € 24.90 in physical format

In 2017, Thomas Ebelé and Éloïse Moigno created the Sloweare label which applies to fashion brands after an audit that takes into account their environmental and social impact. They also developed this guide so that consumers can prioritize the purchase of eco-responsible clothing.

From cotton (conventional, organic or recycled) to linen, from polyamide to elastane, the natural, synthetic or chemical materials whose names can be found on the labels are explained, from the origin of the raw materials to their manufacturing method. Pictograms indicate their effects on the environment, from water consumption to respect for biodiversity, including biodegradability.

Price breakdown

Contributing to eco-responsible fashion also means keeping your clothes on for longer. The hidden side of labels is intended as a guide to choosing the right thing: from good reflexes in store to maintenance advice, for example frequencies and good washing practices.

Thomas Ebelé and Éloïse Moigno do not forget the CSR dimension (corporate social responsibility) and explain the breakdown of prices in the fashion industry. For example that of a t-shirt made in Asia and sold for € 29. The share of production costs is 11.7% (€ 3.40) and that which goes to workers 0.6%, or 18 euro cents. Gold, “Eco-responsible fashion companies spend on average 40% of their production costs on labor compensation”, explain the authors.


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