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If your birthday is on October 15

Number six, which denotes Venus, makes you lively, elegant, attractive, helpful, diplomatic and realistic. Health will remain fine despite a hectic schedule. You will be successful in multiplying your investments, which would result in exceptional profits. Some losses due to carelessness are on the cards. Opportunities for a romance are apparent, but will be short lived. Towards the end of the year you are likely to get married. Be realistic and don’t jump to conclusions. Seek expert advice before you make any financial commitments, especially if you intend to invest in the stock market. This period is also favorable for those who wish to learn new things.

Positive colors: Blue & Green
Select days: Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
Favorite numbers: 3, 5, 6 & 9
Gems recommended: Diamond & Emerald
Charity on birthday: Donate kheer.

You share your birthday with Mira Nair (October 15, 1957, Rourkela), who is an Indian-American filmmaker based in New York City. Her production company, Mirabai Films, specializes in films for international audiences on Indian society, whether in the economic, social or cultural spheres.

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