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If your birthday is on November 26

Born on the 26th day, you are practical and often seek material satisfaction. December will bless you with a mixed bag of results in almost all spheres of life. Next one will be a delicious year. If looking to start a business venture, you should not do it right away. Also, avoid any new or heavy investments. You should also seek help from senior people in business. Things will improve after April, so you can start up with your venture, especially if you are planning a partnership deal, as that looks promising. You’ve been working hard, and finally you have come to a point when your talents will be recognized. Health-wise, everything seems to be in order.

Positive colors: Blue & purple

Select days: Saturday, Wednesday & Friday

Favorite numbers: 4, 5, 6 & 8

Gems recommended: Sapphire & Emerald

Charity on birthday: Help poor girls.

You share your birthday with Arjun Rampal (November26, 1972), who has received several awards, including National Award for Best Supporting Actor. Rampal is ruled by number 8 which is inimical to 4. He will come out of controversies in 2021.

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