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If your birthday is on December 4

Dominated by number four and the planet Uranus, it is a good time to implement your new plans and ideas. You are a freedom-loving person, who prefers to be outdoors in wide open spaces than confined within four walls.The best time for any kind of speculative investment is after March. The chances of you buying a house are also high. If you are a teenager, you will certainly spend more money on traveling this year. There will be mixed results in your career. Maintain healthy relations with your peers and seniors. Your enemies will conspire against you. Beware that you do not fall in their trap. You will surely succeed. Be very careful while driving in June. You need to pay more attention towards your health this year.

Positive colors: Blue & gray
Select days: Thursday & Friday
Favorite numbers: 4 & 8
Gems recommended: Blue sapphire & cat’s eye
Charity on birthday: Donate food.

You share your birthday with Jaaved Jaaferi (December 4, 1963, Moradabad), which has appeared in many Hindi films and television shows. He dubbed Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Don Karnage in Hindi for Disney and scripted the Hindi version of Disney’s Jungle Book 2.

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