Many new regulations on Bib competition, penalty cards are applied to ensure the safety of athletes participating in Aquaman Vietnam.

Aquaman Vietnam 2022 is the first triathlon in the series of sports events under the VnExpress Marathon brand. Unlike the marathons, at Aquaman 2022, the Organizing Committee will apply some new regulations to ensure the race is safe, fair and transparent.

Specifically, instead of the achievement chip attached to the number plate worn on the chest, the athlete will have a chip worn on the ankle. Firmly tied chip. However, during or after the swimming process, athletes who lose this chip will have to meet the referee team to apply for a reissue before changing and continuing to enter the running section. The person who lost the chip will not be counted for the achievement of the swimming distance and will not be considered for the prize.

In addition to Bib wearing legs, athletes still have a bib worn on their chest to easily distinguish and find photos by Bib number.

The chip calculates the performance worn at the ankle position. Image: Giang Huy

The organizers will distribute two tattoo stickers with bib codes. Participants stick it on their arms, or calves, to use as a form of identification during the swim. This tattoo is glued in a special way, athletes will be guided at the event.

The swimming track at Aquaman Vietnam 2022 is designed in the shape of an inverted triangle with a circumference of one kilometer. The swimmers swim counter-clockwise, following the navigational buoys arranged by the organizers. Those who register for the 2km swim – 21km run will do the two swimming laps mentioned above.

Athletes stick the Bib number on their arm at the swim-run test session on September 18.  Photo: Giang Huy

Athletes stick the Bib number on their arm at the swim-run test session on September 18. Image: Giang Huy

On the underwater route, each person can hold the buoy to rest and maintain strength, but must not swing by the lifeline to reach the finish line or use the lifeline to gain momentum to swim forward.

Aquaman Vietnam is also the first race that the organizers apply the penalty card form to ensure a sense of responsibility and sportsmanship. Litter acts on the beach or in the changing area will receive a penalty card, minus 5 to 15 minutes of the total achievement after completing the race.

After completing the swimming part, participants will have a changing area to put on shoes, wear name tags, change clothes if needed… before entering the running track. Athletes can also be penalized if they spill or tamper with other people’s boxes during the changing process.

The box is provided by the organizers for athletes to store Bib and personal items at the swim-test run on the morning of September 18.  Photo: Giang Huy

The box was provided by the organizers for athletes to store Bib and personal items at the swim-test run on the morning of September 18. Image: Giang Huy

The track will not have a team of pacers or guide bikes. Participants in the swim-run triathlon are usually experienced athletes, so a team of pacers and guides is not necessary.

Participants have 5 hours to complete the distance of running 21km – swimming 2km, of which swimming time is under 80 minutes. The remaining distances including Half Aqua, Sprint Aqua and Aquakid have time limits for the total swimming and running distances of 2h30, 1h30min and 1h respectively. Details as below table.

Things athletes should note at Aquaman Vietnam 2022 - 3

The special highlight of Aquaman 2022 is starting and finishing at two different points. Athletes start the race on Tra Co beach, then change at the Transition area, enter the 10km or 21km track and then finish at Sa Vi cape, the northeasternmost tip of Vietnam. During the test of the road on the morning of September 18, athlete Nguyen Quang Chien said that the Aquaman 2022 track is not only meaningful in terms of sports, but also makes each leg proud when it can finish. at the top of the country.

Aquaman Vietnam by Newspaper VnExpress coordinated with Quang Ninh Provincial People’s Committee to organize on October 2. More than 1,000 athletes and thousands of tourists will come to Mong Cai city to experience tourism as well as attend exciting sports events on Tra Co beach and stride on the running track towards Sa Vi cape – where welcome the first sun in the North.

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