The matter today of an actress of the past, whose beauty was once discussed in the entire industry. Not only this, in the 60s and 70s, the hairstyle named ‘Sadhna Cut’ was also very popular among women. We are talking about the actress Sadhna, who was born in 1941 in Karachi (Pakistan).

Sadhana was the only child of her parents. Sadhna’s first film was 1960’s ‘Love in Shimla’. This film was written by R.K. Nayyar had directed. At the same time, in this film, Sadhana’s opposite Joy Mukherjee hero was cast. This film was very much liked by the audience.

Along with the film, the love story of Sadhana and RK Nayyar had also gained momentum. In 1966, the two got married, after which everything went well for the whole 30 years. However, the time changed sides and after the death of RK Nayyar Saheb, Sadhana became completely alone.

This actress was said goodbye to this world in oblivion, she had to spend time in court

Sadhna and Nayyar Saheb did not have children. The house where Sadhana lived was also being sued. In such a situation, he constantly had to visit the police station and the court in the condition of illness. No one would have thought that the last time of an actress who has had such a great start will pass like this. Finally, on 25 December 2015, Sadhana left this world and left forever. Surprisingly, a handful of people had come from the industry to say goodbye to Sadhana.


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