Chelsea once created a black mark in Luis Suarez’s career, but coach Thomas Tuchel did not want to use it to pressure before the first round of the 1/8 Champions League.

* Atletico – Chelsea: Wednesday, February 3, 3 o’clock, Hanoi time.

Suarez – currently playing for Atletico Madrid – began to make a name for himself through three and a half turbulent years in Liverpool, from January 2011 to the summer of 2014. Despite being the top star of the Premier League then, with 82 goals After 133 matches, the Uruguayan striker caught up with a racist case with Patrice Evra and bit the hand of Branislav Ivanovic (Chelsea).

Suarez (right) bit Ivanovic’s hand on April 21, 2013 and was banned from playing 10 matches. Then, at the 2014 World Cup, he continued to bite Chiellini and was banned for four months. Image: AFP.

The decision to ban the 10 games that the FA Discipline Committee for Suarez, after biting Ivanovic, was one of the heaviest penalties in history. The South American striker even raised his intention to leave Liverpool in the summer of 2013, before being persuaded to stay and shine with 31 goals in the 2013-2014 season, and put Liverpool in runner-up position.

“I have nothing to do with what happened between Luis Suarez and Chelsea,” replied Thomas Tuchel at a press conference ahead of the match against Atletico in the first round of the eighth round of the Champions League. “In my opinion, it’s not good to keep digging through the past. We should look to the future.”

Arriving at Barca after the 2014 World Cup, Suarez joined Lionel Messi and Neymar into a famous MSN trio, helping the Catalonia club win the treble in the 2014-2015 season. With 198 goals for Barca, Suarez is the third most scorer at the Camp Nou, behind Messi and Cesar Rodriguez. When the striker was born in 1987 preparing to leave Barca in the summer of 2020, Tuchel was interested and wanted to bring him to PSG.

“Suarez is a born striker, with the fighting spirit characteristic of an attacking player. The will to fight, the intensity of his activities and the anger that he put into scoring. It is very difficult to have.” Such a striker now, “added Tuchel. “No one can ignore the best striker in the history of world football. We tried our luck, but got no results, because Suarez chose to stay in Spain and go to Atletico.”

Suarez has scored 16 goals for Atletico in La Liga this season, but in the Champions League he has not once opened fire.  Photo: EFE

Suarez has scored 16 goals for Atletico in La Liga this season, but in the Champions League he has not once opened fire. Image: EFE

The contract between Suarez and Atletico contained a provision that allowed the former Barca striker to be free to leave in the summer of 2021. When asked about the possibility of pursuing Suarez in the next transfer window, Tuchel replied: “Suarez can suit me when He leads PSG, but things are different now He has a contract with Atletico, and it’s not like thinking about pulling another team player right now My immediate goal is to stop him from scoring. against Chelsea “.

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