BrotherCoach Thomas Tuchel believes that Chelsea do not need to do more to fully promote the strengths of striker Romelu Lukaku.

*Brighton – Chelsea: 3am on Wednesday, January 19, Hanoi time.

In a press conference on January 17, when asked if he expected Lukaku to show more, Tuchel replied: “We expected more from all the attacking players in the last game. We should have moved. He’s faster, attacks more and hurts City more. Maybe I’m not answering your question, but it’s true that Lukaku is part of our attack.”

Tuchel shakes hands with Lukaku during the match against Malmo at Stamford Bridge on October 20, 2021. Photo: Reuters

“He is the mainstay, so there will be a lot of pressure,” added the German coach. “But the pressure he creates for himself is also greater. We have to balance expectations, pressure and psychological comfort to perform at our best. It’s not a matter of pressing and shielding the opponent, It’s about being comfortable and relaxed on the pitch. We’ll keep working hard and everything will be fine.”

The reporter continued to ask if Chelsea needed to do more to take full advantage of Lukaku’s strengths, Tuchel replied: “We did everything to help Lukaku. This question is not correct because it focuses on only one. We want Lukaku to be the main player, but that approach is wrong. We do that with every player, not just Lukaku. Football is a team sport, not 10 men serving one. Chelsea Don’t play like that. Players have to serve the team. This is our motto and that will not change.”

Last weekend Chelsea lost 0-1 to Man City at Etihad. After the match, coach Tuchel expressed dissatisfaction and said that Lukaku lost the ball many times. Their relationship has only recently been mended, after the Belgian striker publicly said he was not happy at Chelsea. Despite apologizing after the incident, Lukaku has yet to regain his top form.

He will have the opportunity to correct his mistakes when Chelsea are a guest on Brighton’s field in the 23rd round of the Premier League. The gap between teachers and students Tuchel and Man City has been widened to 13 points, and they will aim to overcome Liverpool to go second in the table.

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