Two women have been indicted for “willful violence”, accompanied by racist remarks which they contest, after the stabbing near the Eiffel Tower of two veiled women, who demand prosecution for “attempted murder”, a AFP learned Thursday from corroborating sources.

The two suspects were indicted Wednesday evening for “violence aggravated by the meeting, the use of a weapon, the state of drunkenness, and racist remarks,” said a judicial source. The alleged stabbing perpetrator was remanded in custody and her friend left free under judicial supervision, according to sources familiar with the matter.

The assault on the Champ de Mars on Sunday would be linked to the presence of their dog, deemed threatening by a group of women with their children. During the altercation, the prime suspect drew a knife and stabbed two women.

The affair was widely relayed on social networks, some Internet users denouncing a “media silence” on this “Islamophobic” aggression, two days after the assassination of Professor Samuel Paty.

The victims’ lawyer, Me Arié Alimi, lodged a complaint for the investigation to be reclassified as “attempted murder because of the victim’s membership of a race or a religion”.

The first victim, aged 19, received three blows from a stabbing weapon. The second, a 40-year-old woman, was injured by six blows, including one puncturing her lung, and is still in hospital.

The two women say they were called “dirty Arabs” by their attackers, who also said to them: “You are not at home here”.

“One of the women was also referring to the veil that several women in the family wore, talking about + that thing on your head,” the complaint continues.

For Me Alimi, “the motive is obviously racist because they targeted the veiled women and tried to tear it off”. “Homicidal intent is not in doubt either, since the first shot was aimed at the head.”

“It is feared that this type of act will be repeated given the deleterious climate stigmatizing Muslims. The authorities must stop the witch hunt and prevent terrorists from achieving their main objective, which is to say stigmatization. Muslims that can lead to other radicalizations, “he added to AFP.

“In the particular context, we must not inflate this story and come back to the facts: an altercation that turns badly after invective,” argues Me Bernard Solitude, lawyer for one of the suspects, who denied the racist remarks.

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