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Working at the heart of a nuclear power plant is Alexandra’s daily life. At Dampierre, she is responsible for a team of 140 people. Brut followed her for a day.

Alexandra is head of the maintenance department at the heart of a nuclear power plant. For Brut, she shows us what her daily life looks like. To work in complete safety, she wears a specific outfit. “We can be subjected to nuclear irradiation because there are radioactive elements circulating in the pipes“, she explains. Daily, she manages a team of 140 people including 135 men.”In our industry, we have few women, we have less than 20% of women, and most of them work in services such as chemicals, environment.“, explains Alexandra. She also ensures that the building is clean and tidy.

Before working in this plant, Alexandra had several days of training, if only for the rules to be observed. “You should know that the maximum authorization for a nuclear worker per year is to receive 20 millisieverts. There, I spent an hour in the zone, 0.001 millisievert is very low“, she explains.

For Alexandra, the waste generated by the power plant is not breathed in. Opponents of nuclear energy, however, underline the danger posed by this waste in the long term, the radioactivity of which remains for some thousands of years.

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