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Chandigarh, January 27

Rakhi Sawant was spotted with husband Ritesh Singh on the streets of Mumbai soon after being eliminated from the big boss house.

She had a few days back confirmed that she’s not legally married to Ritesh and issued an ultimatum to him saying, “Give me a marriage certificate or she will leave him”.

On Bigg Boss 15, Rakhi had said that she doesn’t want husband Ritesh Singh’s pity. She said she will leave him if he doesn’t give her a marriage certificate.

“Don’t pity me Ritesh. If you think I am a good person and deserve your love, only then let’s take our relationship ahead. We are not legally married yet. But now, I want my rights as a wife and not any kind of sympathy. Give me a marriage certificate so that we can spend our lives together. If not, I don’t think we can stay together. We will have to part ways otherwise,” she added.

Rakhi was spotted first time after being eliminated from Bigg Boss15 house, she, however, kept mum when asked who will win the trophy, adding that “meh out ho gyi”.

In the clip with Ritesh, she cribbed that she was used as a tissue paper by the Big Boss only for entertainment and was kicked out a week before the final. “I am not a tissue paper Big Boss that you just use me for entertainment,” Rakhi said.

Speculations were rife that Rakhi Sawant’s so-called husband Ritesh was actually a cameraman, who works on the sets of ‘Bigg Boss’. Salman had teased Rakhi asking her if she has hired Ritesh to become her husband on the show.

Since then, social media is buzzing with the rumors that they are not a real-life couple.u just use me for entertainment

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