In recent days, pacifist protests have given way to real scenes of urban guerrilla warfare in Guadeloupe. A social revolt which follows the establishment of the health pass and the vaccination obligation for caregivers, while the population is very reluctant to vaccines against Covid-19. According to the Regional Health Agency of Guadeloupe, 46% of the population has received at least one dose, against 77% in metropolitan France. A mistrust that we can only understand, especially with regard to the possible rigging of statistics revealed by the Courrier des strategèges. According to the testimony of lawyer Ellen Bessis, the University Hospital Center was instructed to declare all vaccinated hospitalized as unvaccinated. “If this information were verified, it would reveal an absolute scandal: the statistical lie organized to conceal the dangerousness of the vaccine”, comments the founder of the Courrier des Stratèges Éric Verhaeghe in his article.

All over the island, demonstrators erected barricades to hamper road traffic and economic activity. The barricades are formed using sliced ​​trees (see video below) or car wrecks, abandoned due to the bankruptcy of breakdown services.

Violence frightens those who demonstrated this summer

The Interior and Overseas Ministers, Gérald Darmanin and Sébastien Lecornu, “condemned with the greatest firmness the violence which has taken place in recent hours”. About fifty members of the GIGN and the RAID were sent on site to support the police forces already deployed.

Reached by phone, the general secretary of the union of the General Confederation of Labor of Guadeloupe (CGTG), Jean-Marie Nomertin, denounces the violence. But, according to him, they are a logical consequence of the feeling that Guadeloupeans have of not being listened to for months, or even for years: “If we are there today, it is because we are taken for. idiots. Labor law is under attack, the hospital system is failing, the repeated water cuts where the pipes are never changed, or even the chlordecone that the State always calls into question when we know that the large number of prostate cancers in us is, among other things, strongly linked to this. And, now we are adding the vaccine obligation? It’s too much ! It’s the last straw that breaks the camel’s back, it’s an avalanche there. “The trade unionist describes a youth who grew up without any confidence in the rulers:” These young people saw their grandfather, their father, their mother, live below the poverty line and when they work a lot of contracts are not declared to social Security. When they see that, and then we force them to be vaccinated, we understand how they come to find other ways. “

According to Stéphane, a resident of the island, the violence “is not about to stop”. If he claims to support this movement in substance, he strongly disapproves of its form: “It’s not the same atmosphere as during the demonstrations this summer, where the atmosphere was good. In the barricades, there are those who curdle cars at random, not knowing whether the people inside support their demands or not. “

Taking advantage of the prevailing chaos, certain organized gangs engaged in burglaries and looting of shops. Citizen of Guadeloupe, he notes that these demonstrations are more chaotic, that some come in organized groups to rob or loot stores. During the night from Friday to Saturday, the customs armory was robbed. The attackers left with ten weapons and more than 2,000 ammunition. Under these conditions, “those who supported the protest movement, when it was pacifist, will now perhaps turn away from it”, Stéphane predicts.

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