VW boss Herbert Diess (62) has caused quite a stir in the recent past. With drastic words about alleged job cuts and climate protection, he didn’t hit the right note for everyone. Now the “ Business Insider“Internal statements by the top manager that put his point of view in a different light.

▶ ︎ That happened:

Shortly after the general election, the VW boss had one The ten-point plan for the new federal government, tweeted, required, among other things, that the CO2-Price should be raised more than planned – which would lead to an increase in fuel prices – and a subsidy for bicycles and e-bikes. Completely new sounds from Wolfsburg!

Then it also became public that Diess at a supervisory board meeting on September 24 was about massive Downsizing had spoken of 30,000 jobs. Every fourth job at the production site in Germany would be on the brink if these plans were implemented.

Success “in the new world” is not guaranteed

The VW Global Leadership Summit began on Wednesday, October 13th in Alpbach, Austria. In front of the assembled management team, Diess justified his statements there, as the “Business Insider” reports:

“We in this room have to deliver and ensure that VW is a powerful and successful company by the end of the decade.” He is “very happy” with his team, “the best in the automotive industry”.

Diess commented on his management style: “Why is the boss still so nervous again and again? Often so pushy and hard? Because I’m worried. ”It is currently a“ crucial point in time for the company. In the old world we are invincible and successful. But that’s not guaranteed in the new world. “

Tesla is the number one competitor

The VW boss warned of the competition in electric cars: “I know some of you hate that, but it’s primarily Tesla. The distance increases. They’ll be faster, faster, and better at building cars. Tesla is the only brand that has grown in Covid times. ”

With the new development center Wolfsburg-Sandkamp – an investment in the high three-digit million range – the group will challenge “Tesla with its 18 months of development speed”.

Wolfsburg would have “a crucial part. When I think of Wolfsburg, I don’t have the job cuts in mind. That’s not what it is about. For me, it’s about how we work together, how we can become efficient and faster. “

And indeed: the course for the future must be set. At the moment, things are not looking rosy in the auto industry: a global shortage of chips is paralyzing manufacturers’ production, and billions are being left behind by carmakers because they cannot build cars.

In addition, there is the switch to alternative drives. VW relies fully on e-mobility. If there is no success, Diess is also put to the test. That is why Diess’ statements are so harsh.

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