On January 7, one of the biggest Danish newspapers apologized to its readership, admitting to having been “ absorbed almost hypnotically By the speeches of the authorities for nearly two years, and not having been vigilant enough.

All in good time

A repentance that contrasts with the recent measures taken by the kingdom. Under the wave of contamination from Omicron, since mid-December 2021, the country has implemented a curfew, health pass, compulsory tests despite vaccination, closure of theaters, cinemas, concert halls … Measures that had yet disappeared in September 2021, when Denmark reached 73% vaccination.

Three weeks later, in its article, the newspaper assures us that ” the experts explain the situation to us by pendulum movements, constantly warning us against the corona monster that lies dormant under our beds. An exasperating renewal of health measures, which do not seem to be left to last, however. Earlier this month, Tyra Grove Krause, head of health in Denmark, was optimistic about the course of the epidemic, although she has not yet mentioned any changes in the measures.

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The Ekstra Bladet title “We failed”

It is one of the largest newspaper groups in the country, a general-interest tabloid-format daily from 1904. ” We, the press, took stock of our work, and we failed They write.

What is this sudden awareness due to? To the numbers of hospitalizations and deaths, and to the interpretation that can be made of them: ” What is the difference between “with Covid”, and “with Covid”? We did not ask ourselves the question at the right time. It makes a big difference. It is an assumption long made by the said conspirators, according to which the figures would be largely inflated by the abusive labeling of the cases “Covid”, which often, suffer from co-morbidities. So, “with Covid” or “with Covid”?

Official admission figures turned out to be 27% higher than the actual figure for the number of people hospitalized simply because they have Covid-19. We only know now “, They admit in the article.

A failure shared with the health authorities

Another example put forward by the newspaper: that of vaccines. “ Vaccines are constantly referred to as our “super weapon”. And our hospitals are called “super hospitals”. Nevertheless, these “super-hospitals” are apparently under maximum pressure, even though almost the entire population is armed with a “super-weapon”. Even children are vaccinated, to a very large extent, which has not been done in our neighboring countries », Explains humbly the Ekstra Bladet to underline the lack of effectiveness of the vaccines, in particular to face Omicron, which contaminates the vaccinated as the unvaccinated. An observation that echoes what we can hear in France.

So the newspaper wants to share its failure with the authorities: “ Overall, the messages sent by authorities and politicians to the public in this historic crisis leave much to be desired. They lie, as they always have when people lose confidence in them.

The fourth power

In June 2021, it was the editor-in-chief of the German newspaper Bild, who led the way by apologizing to the population in a video made public: “ I want to express here what neither our government nor our Chancellor dares to tell you: we ask your forgiveness for having made you, for a year and a half, victims of violence, neglect, isolation and loneliness. […] Sorry for this policy and media coverage which, like poison, made you feel like you were a mortal danger to society. […] When a state steals its rights from a child, it must prove that by doing so it protects him against imminent concrete danger. This proof has never been provided. It has been replaced by propaganda presenting the child as a vector of the pandemic. Those who wanted to destroy this propaganda were never invited to the expert table. “

If the year 2021 has not seen many other confessions of this kind, the article in the Danish newspaper is part of a general upheaval of opinion, which we observe everywhere since the arrival of the Omicron variant. Will it serve as an example for other major media?

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