Tanuja and Dharmendra: The famous actress Tanuja of the 60s and 70s had made a special place in the hearts of people with her performance. He worked in many films like ‘Memdidi’, ‘Chand Aur Sooraj’, ‘Mera Jeevan Saathi’, ‘Hathi Mere Saathi’. At that time, Tanuja’s pairing with Dharmendra was very much liked by the audience. However, not many people are aware that Tanuja once slapped Dharmendra in front of everyone.

According to media reports, in one of her interviews in the year 2014, Tanuja talked about that anecdote. The incident happened on the sets of their film ‘Chand Aur Sooraj’, when Dharmendra tried to flirt with Tanuja, and in response, the actress slapped him in front of everyone on the sets. Recalling this incident, Tanuja had said, ‘One day he tried to flirt with me. Shocked, I slapped him and said, ‘Besharam! I know your wife, yet you have the courage to flirt with me.

Tanuja Reveal Shocking facts about Dharmendra: Tanuja had also revealed that ‘Ashamed, Dharmendra pleaded and said, ‘Tanu, my mother, I speak sorry. Please make me your brother’. I refused saying that I am happy with my own brother. However, after Dharmendra’s constant pleas, Tanuja had tied a black thread on his wrist.

Tanuja and dharmendra Movies: At the end of her interview, Tanuja also said that she was shocked when Dharmendra flirted with her as he had introduced her to his first wife, Prakash Deol and their son, Sunny Deol. Let us tell you that Tanuja and Dharmendra were a hit pair during the 60s. Both worked in films like ‘Izzat’, ‘Do Chor’, ‘Bahare Phir Bhi Aayegi’. Tanuja was last seen in the film ‘Shonar Pahad’ in the year 2018, while Dharmendra was seen in the film ‘Shimla Mirchi’ in the year 2020.

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