Bigg Boss 15 Today EpisodeIn Bigg Boss 15, the game has become even more interesting by the end of the week. Where till now there was fierce fighting between the main family members and the forest dwellers, while the game seems to be turning. Till now the main housemates who had fought with the forest dwellers will now be seen busy in persuading them. The reason for this is the task of captaincy going to happen for the first time in season 15. Shamita Shetty, Nishant Bhatt and Pratik Sehajpal, who are present in the main house, have a chance to become captain this week, for which they will have to do more and more forest dwellers in their favor.

The family members will celebrate the forest dwellers
Now it will happen that the family members will be seen busy in making the forest dwellers happy and celebrating them. The more people who have the support of the forest dwellers, the more their chances of winning will increase. Now it will be interesting to see how many people will be in favor of whom. In this, the chances of winning Nishant and Shamita are more visible. Prateek’s battle with the family members throughout the week can prove to be negative for him. In such a situation, one of Shamita and Nishant can become the captain of this week.

Why is Captaincy Important?
Captaincy in the Bigg Boss house has its advantages. Whoever becomes the captain, first of all he gets the right not to be nominated, so that he can stay in the house for a week without any tension. Apart from this, the captain gets many rights from eating to sleeping in the house. But with rights also come duties. Along with taking advantage of the rights, the captain has to perform some duties like getting the family members to do household chores, to follow the rules. If they are not done properly, then the whole family has to face the punishment.

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