“Is happiness to have millions of connected objects that get information when there are no more olives in the fridge? “ recently questioned the LFI deputy François Ruffin on BFM TV calling for a moratorium on 5G, while Eric Piolle, the EELV mayor of Grenoble, has become accustomed to ironicizing about the usefulness of connected refrigerators (or grid- bread of the same type), denouncing in addition the French digital deserts.

Ah the connected fridge! Few household appliances can boast of crystallizing reviews at this point. It must be said that since the time we talk about it, we have ended up doubting its very existence within the home of the French (unless you are a geek full of aces) and, de facto, its usefulness. However, each year, the king of the kitchen reappears in apartments witnessing an idealized future and figures prominently in the “cold” shelves of large distributors.

A niche market, but growing strongly

Better still, probably taking advantage of the interest of the French for larger and larger refrigerators, of the multi-door and American type, it is the only one to display insolent growth in a rather sluggish market: according to the GFK Market Intelligence Institute, the fridge connected only represents 3% of the total volume of devices purchased in France. But this share continues to grow.

Thus, 2.6 million lambda refrigerators were sold in 2020 (compared to 2.7 million in 2019), but 91,000 connected refrigerators found

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