Emmanuel Macron favored over other candidates, use of personal data which raises questions, security breaches… In recent days, it’s been a roller coaster for the Elyze application which, after having been downloaded more than a million times in less than three weeks, has been widely criticized on social media.

So much so that its co-founders François Mari and Grégoire Cazcarra announced some drastic measures, such as switching to open source and deleting the personal data of its users.

The sequel after the ad

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The “Presidential Tinder”

Once the most downloaded application in France when it was released on January 2, Elyze aims to be a “Presidential Tinder”an application that takes up the famous principle of “swipe” but which, instead of offering you a partner, submits to you… electoral proposals.

The goal, according to its creators: to help undecided voters find their ideal candidate for the presidential election. Thus, anonymized proposals follow one another on your phone, which you can choose to swipe on the right of your screen if you like them, on the left, if you don’t like them, or in the center, if you haven’t decided yet.

The Cnil examines “Elyze”, the presidential Tinder, and its use of personal data

This principle of summarized and colored flashcards has attracted more than a million voters and curious people in less than three weeks. But many users have pointed out, on Twitter, the problematic management of equalities between the candidates. And cybersecurity specialist Mathis Hammel has published a long series of messages deciphering the problems posed by the app.

The sequel after the ad

Data collection and open source

“There was a security problem”explains Matis Hammel to “l’Obs”, a few days after his discovery. “The configuration of permissions on the server was not done well. The app was like a Google Doc that anyone could discreetly edit”summarizes the specialist, who took the opportunity to submit to users a false proposal by Emmanuel Macron: “ Fire Jean Castex and appoint Mathis Hammel in his place” .

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For his part, Jean-Luc Mélenchon was surprised on Twitter by the fact that, even if you agreed 100% with all the candidates, Elyze offered you Emmanuel Macron as the ideal candidate. “A fairly classic concern in computer science that relates to sorting algorithms”deciphers Mathis Hammel, for whom the real problem of the application remained however the future of the collection of personal data of users, which could raise fears of potential resale.

A problem to which the founders of Elyze finally responded by announcing the deletion of user data and the open source of the application, for more transparency. Shortly before, the Cnil (National Commission for Computing and Freedoms) had announced that it was looking into the application to verify that it was in compliance with the regulations on this sensitive data.

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