When Raj Kapoor had to work as a laborer in Bombay Talkies: Raj Kapoor, also known as Ranbir Raj Kapoor, was a big name in the film industry. He was not only a great actor but also a great producer-director. He was also called the showman of Hindi cinema. Raj Kapoor had received three National Film Awards and 11 Filmfare Awards. His films made audiences all over the world crazy, especially in Asia and Europe, he had a strong fan following. But do you know that Raj Kapoor has also worked as a laborer before becoming a hero in films?

Actually, when Raj Kapoor wanted to start his journey in films, his father and superstar Prithviraj Kapoor got him to work as a laborer in Bombay Talkies so that he could start his career from zero. Raj Kapoor also obeyed his father and started working in Bombay Talkies, he used to lift the lights, clean the set and sometimes even pant the set. Despite being the son of such a big star, he used to eat food along with labor. In those days Bombay Talkies was making a film called ‘Jwar Bhata’ in which Dilip Kumar was in the lead role. Dilip and Raj Kapoor were good friends. Raj Kapoor started realizing that I am doing labor work in the film of which my friend is the hero.

According to media reports, Raj Kapoor got so angry with this that he broke only some part of the set with a hammer. Regarding this, Raj Kapoor had said in an interview, ‘The benefit of being a superstar’s son was not found in being a laborer, but when this set fell, I got the benefit of it’. After this incident, Raj Kapoor understood that he has come here to learn not to compare himself with others.

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