Will the future be foldable? Having become dull and unexciting, smartphones intend to renew themselves with a new version of their screens, now able to unfold to offer a much larger format with a gesture. Samsung and Huawei have been trying for two years with their Galaxy Z Fold and Mate X, without however succeeding in convincing.

In question, first: exorbitant prices – more than 2,000 euros at the exit, reduced to 1,699 euros for the latest version of the Fold 3. Then, an original fragility at the level of the fold, which encourages patience. Finally, it is not easy to perceive the contribution of a foldable screen. On these three points, the first model designed by the Chinese manufacturer Oppo, the Find N, seems to provide an answer. This smartphone is reserved for sale in China, but it already lays the foundation for what could be the new era of the foldable.

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Interest n°1: reading

Last year we were already impressed by the prototype screen phone “rollable”, making it possible to envisage a revolution in mobile reading. The Oppo Find N returns to a more “classic”, where the device offers a standard screen that can be opened to enjoy a dual screen.

Handling is as easy as opening a book, smoothly, smoother than with the Samsung. Oppo claims to have tested the robustness of its hinge, resistant to more than 200,000 bends, or the equivalent of 5 and a half years at a rate of 100 openings and closings per day.

The interest is really to be able to take advantage of a gesture of a large screen. And the most obvious is for reading texts. Stalled in the metro, when reading an article (from L’Obs of course!), you just have to unfold the screen to fully enjoy it, a bit like on a mini touchscreen tablet.

The sequel after the advertisement

Oppo Find N

Another good point: the use of the smartphone semi-folded, reminiscent of the slider phones of the 2000s. Convenient for typing text quickly, but above all perfect for watching videos on the train or plane. The device stands alone, and displays the image over the entire width of the top.

A YouTube video from L'Obs on the Oppo Find N

A YouTube video from L’Obs on the Oppo Find N

Heavy in the pocket

Finally, the dual screen allows, unsurprisingly, to take advantage of two applications simultaneously, for easy multitasking. For example, looking at your agenda while scheduling an appointment, or watching a YouTube video while checking information on the internet. The use is not revolutionary (switching from one app to another is quite fast on a classic smartphone), but can be practical. In photography, it becomes possible to take a shot while controlling the previous one.

The Oppo Find N in multitasking with the preview of the last snapshot taken on the left, and the camera on the right

The Oppo Find N in multitasking with the preview of the last snapshot taken on the left, and the camera on the right

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For the rest, this new Oppo offers characteristics close to high-end smartphones, with good cameras, good image quality, and a 4,500 mAh battery power (the manufacturer does not give an idea of ​​the battery life). ). All for a price similar to current premium phones, namely 7,699 yuan (or 1,055 euros in gross conversion) for 256 GB of memory.

Remains a defect inherent in this new foldable technology: a significant thickness (16 mm), and a rather heavy weight (275 g). Slipped into the pocket, the Oppo Find N makes itself felt… Not sure that everyone sees the future there.

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