When gamers and streamers come together for a just cause, it gives 5.7 million euros raised in three days for Amnesty International.

Even without a news as busy as that of this weekend, ZEvent would undoubtedly have gone unnoticed by the vast majority of French people. Except for those who are familiar with the names of Jeel, Cameto, Player of the Attic, Locklear or even (simpler) Squeezie.

They were about fifty gamers (players), streamers (creators of live content) and YouTubers gathered this weekend in Montpellier for their charity marathon, organized this year for the benefit of Amnesty International.

Live games, performances or just discussions, the 55 hours of live broadcasting on the Twitch platform and on the personal channels of gamers and YouTubers aimed to collect donations, live or through the sale of tee- shirts.

World record shattered

Many gave of their person to break last year’s record, 3.7 million euros for the Institut Pasteur, which was already a world record.

Gamer MoMaN shaved his beard when his donors crossed the € 100,000 mark, while video game music creator and streamer Mister MV had to spend a whole day disguised as a chicken for the same amount.

Atmosphere and good humor live, ZEvent did not break the 2019 record, he exploded it! It is very precisely € 5,724,377 that were collected, a performance hailed on Twitter by Emmanuel Macron and by… Mark Hamill, who plays Luke Skywalker in Star Wars.

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